Pediatric Echo Exam | Registry Review RCCS (CCI) Test Prep Book

Echo Registry Review Book will help prepare you to pass the Registered Congenital Cardiac Sonographer (RCCS) given by CCI and the Pediatric Specialty Exam (PE) given by ARDMS.


The Pediatric Echo Registry Review Book provides a fundamental review of material needed to pass the board exam. Material is presented in an “easy to understand manner” and includes Registry Review type Questions throughout the book.  This Book features chapters on cardiac embryology, echocardiographic technique


Product Description

Congenital and acquired abnormalities, treatment and repair techniques, special procedures, and corresponding echocardiographic appearances and more. This review will help you to earn your RCCS! Note: This covers the same material as the Pediatric 2GB USB Flash Drive

Pediatric Echo Exam: Your Comprehensive Guide to Mastery

Achieve Excellence with the Pediatric Echo Registry Review Book

Preparing for the Pediatric Echo Exam? Look no further. Our Registry Review Book is tailored to guide you through the complexities of the Pediatric Echocardiography Examination. It’s not just a study guide; it’s a tool for success, empowering you to excel in your RCCS credentialing.

Embarking on the Journey to RCCS Certification:

  • Holistic Coverage: The Review Book spans all necessary domains, from cardiac embryology to sophisticated echocardiographic techniques.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with Registry Review-type Questions that foster an interactive and dynamic learning experience.

Key Features of the Pediatric Echo Registry Review Book:

  • Foundation in Cardiac Embryology: Gain a strong grounding in embryological development as it relates to congenital heart conditions.
  • Technique Mastery: Learn the precise echocardiographic techniques required for pediatric assessments, ensuring accurate and effective imaging.

RCCS Echocardiography Review: Elevating Your Professional Knowledge

Topics Explored in Detail Include:

  • Congenital and Acquired Abnormalities: A comprehensive look at the spectrum of pediatric heart conditions, with echocardiographic visuals for clearer understanding.
  • Treatment and Repair Techniques: Understand the surgical and non-surgical interventions that are fundamental to pediatric cardiology.

Chapters are designed to Provide:

  • Special Procedures Overview: Insight into the specialized procedures unique to pediatric echocardiography, including pre-and post-surgical imaging.
  • Echocardiographic Appearances: Learn to identify the echocardiographic hallmarks of a wide range of pediatric conditions.

Excelling in the Pediatric Echocardiography Examination:

  • Strategic Review Questions: Strengthen your test-taking skills with carefully crafted questions that reflect the Pediatric Echocardiography examination content outline.
  • Concise Explanations: Clear and succinct explanations to ensure you understand the ‘why’ behind each answer.

Navigating the CCI Echo Review with Confidence:

  • Exam-Ready Format: Chapters and questions are structured to mirror the actual CCI Echo quiz, prepping you for the style and content of the questions you’ll face.
  • Critical Concepts Highlighted: Emphasis on key areas that are vital for passing the Pediatric Echocardiography Examination.

Preparing for the RCCS with a Targeted Approach:

  • Content Outline Alignment: Direct correlation with the Pediatric Echocardiography Examination content outline, making sure you study what matters most.
  • Additional Review Material: Further resources and reading suggestions to complement your study and deepen your understanding.

The Pediatric Echo Registry Review Book is not just an academic resource; it’s a blueprint for your future in pediatric echocardiography. It’s designed to be more than informative—it’s transformative, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to not just pass the Pediatric Echocardiography Examination but to excel in your career as a healthcare professional. Take this step towards your RCCS certification with the confidence that you have the very best preparation in your hands.