NEW-Echo Flash Cards

The New -Adult Echo Test Prep Flashcards are approximately 4 x 6 in diameter. This is the choice many students use to prepare for the CCI and the ARDMS Adult Echo Registry Exams. These cards have been updated to include the adult echo requirements and will help prepare you for success!

The Flashcards presents excellent questions and detailed answers that review necessary material that will be on your Board Examination.


Product Description

Topics include Adult Echocardiography, CV Science, Cardiac Anatomy, Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disease/Therapeutic Measures, Etiology, Hemodynamics, Congenital Heart, Patient Care, Universal Precautions/Infection Control, Quality Assurance and many other pertinent topics you will be tested on.

This is highly recommended for registry candidates. Many students have used these cards for success on the Registry Examination!