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The Best Guidelines About CCI Pocket Prep

CCI: Just the mention of those three letters is enough to send chills down your spine and have to go into stress. You’ve spent months studying, maybe sacrificed weekends with friends for flashcards, yet that nagging doubt remains. Is it ever going to truly feel like enough? Listen, we get it. This exam is a […]

What are the Benefits of ARDMS Practice Exams?

It doesn’t matter what type of exam you’re sitting for; you always feel overwhelmed, thinking you’re not ready for this. The closer you get to your exam, the more nightmares you have about sitting for the exam and not remembering anything you prepared. It’s the same when you are trying to prepare for your ARDMS […]

How to Review Ultrasound Examination?

How to Review Ultrasound Examination

When we look at modern medicine, we see that ultrasound examinations have become a cornerstone as they offer a window into the workings of the human body without the need for invasive procedures. If you are a healthcare professional who wants to refine your skills in the analysis of ultrasound examination and better understand the […]

Tips You Need to Know for Passing CCI Exam

Tips You Need to Know for Passing CCI Exam

Passing the CCI (Certified Coding Instructor) exam is a significant milestone for anyone aspiring to become a certified coding professional. This certification not only demonstrates proficiency in medical coding but also opens doors to various career opportunities in healthcare administration and revenue cycle management. If you preparing for the CCI practice exam?, Ocean Ultrasound is […]

Is Ultrasound Registry Review Helpful?

Is Ultrasound Registry Review Helpful

If you want to become a certified ultrasound professional, the path is quite challenging and could feel like you’re in uncharted waters. But with the right guidance and preparation, you can easily go through the process and come out the other end victorious. When going for an Ultrasound Registry review is one of the most […]

How Many Questions Are On the Fetal Echo Exam?

When we talk about pregnancy and the entire process, you feel a blend of emotions, from overwhelming joy to jittery nerves. This is especially true when it comes to ensuring the health and well-being of the unborn child. Now, there are a number of prenatal ARDMS tests and screenings, but the one that stands out […]

What Does RDCS Stand for In Medical Terms?

When we talk about the heroes in healthcare, our minds often go to surgeons in their scrubs or emergency doctors in the thick of the action. But there is a group of professionals who are experts at what they do and are just as important as doctors and surgeons, although they are not in the […]

What Does a Registered Vascular Specialist Do?

When you think about the circulatory system, usually, all we think about is the heart, but that is not the only thing. We also have a vast network of vessels that play a crucial role in keeping us healthy and alive, and that clean blood reaches every part of our body. These vessels, veins, and […]

The Echo Board Exam – Everything You Need to Know to Pass


If you’re thinking of going for the Echo boards exam to upgrade your career as an echocardiography professional, you’re going in the right direction. The echo boards exam doesn’t test just your knowledge but also helps you scale your career to new heights. You get more recognition for your knowledge and expertise, and open doors […]

Are You Searching for an ARDMS Practice Test?


If you’re entering the world of medical sonography or looking to expand your horizon and go up a level, you find that the ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography) is your gateway to a better career. The ARDMS exam is more than a test; it’s a milestone showing your competence and dedication in this […]