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  • Adult Echo ARDCS Test Prep Review Book (ARDMS ECHO REVIEW) (Adult_Echo_ARDCS_Review_Book (ARDMS ECHO REVIW))
    NEW  - Updated Edition - ARDMS REVIEW  

    Adult Echo RDCS Review Spiral Bound Book
    is perfect for your ARDMS REVIEW. This is the book you need for success on the ARDMS Exam, but covers many CCI topics as well!  

    The RDCS-Prep Book presents questions and detailed answers that review necessary material for the ARDMS Examination
    Topics include Cardiac Anatomy, Physics, Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disease/Therapeutic Measures, Etiology, Symptoms, Hemodynamic Effects, General Concepts, Hemodynamics, Patient Care, Biologic Effects, Universal Precautions/infection control, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Identify current and emerging technologies, Intracardiac echo (ICE), 3 D, TEE, Interventional procedures, Other imaging modalities (MRI, CT, Nuclear) and many more outlined test topics.
    This is a highly recommended and covers all of the outlined test topics. We have included several extra review questions that cover unique material commonly missed on the ARDMS and CCI Exams.  This Is a cornerstone to enable registry candidates to achieve their RDCS Registry Credential!
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  • ECHO REGISTRY CCI REVIEW- A Pocket Preparation Guide for the CCI (Adult_Echo_Super_Review)

    New for 2017 CCI ECHO REVIEW!

    This small Pocket Reference is 6 x 9" in size and packed full of essential review material necessary for success on the CCI Registry Exam! (Hundreds of questions that have proven to help medical professionals pass their RCS Exam the first time).

    This very portable format makes it easy for study anytime. It is organized in a progressive format which reviews the necessary material on the CCI Test Matrix. You are sure to have command of the material needed to pass the CCI Board Exam!

    Topics include: Adult Echocardiography, CV Science, Physics/Instrumentation, Pediatric/ Congenital review, Transesophageal Echo, General Anatomy and Physiology, Cardiac Pharmacology, Cardiac Hemodynamics, Mathematics, Patient Care, Biologic Effects, Universal Precautions/infection control, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Other imaging modalities and many more pertinent test topics.(including unique Material that is often missed on the CCI RCS Board Exam)
    • Easy to grasp topic reviews
    • Reinforce essential key concepts
    • Packed with CCI outline practice questions
    • Student-friendly format makes learning easier

    This is a highly recommended to enable you to achieve your RCS Registry Credential.

    Note: If you are a recent graduate of a program, this provides a super review which covers the CCI test matrix.   This also will help registry candidates who have been out of school for a time and just need a thorough review of all the material to help prepare you for your Board Exam.
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  • Flash Cards Echo New Edition (Adult_Echo_Flash_Cards)
    The New Adult Echo Cards are approximately 4.25" x 5.5" in diameter and come with a sturdy binder ring. After basic assemly, this is the choice many students use to get through the hundreds of questions used for success on the CCI and the RDCS Adult Echo Registry Exams. These cards have been updated to include the New Adult Echo requirements for (both RDCS and CCI) These are the cards you need for success!

    The Flashcards presents excellent questions and detailed answers (NOT just true/ false and multiple choice) that review necessary material. Topics include Cardiac Anatomy, Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disease/Therapeutic Measures, Etiology, Symptoms, Hemodynamic Effect and many other pertinent topics. This is a highly recommended strength builder registry candidates have used for success in becoming Registered. $97.00

    The flash cards of are the same high quality photographs as the downloadable pdf's

    Note:  The Echo material is an Excellent review for the CCI Exam.You will pass the boards and earn your RCS/RDCS!
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  • New Echo Review Combo Package (Echo_Combo_Package)
    New Review Package: Includes Both (Book and USB) Taken from our acclaimed Power to Pass series. You will Pass your Board Exam the First time!

    This Review Package is Packed full of essential review material necessary for success on the CCI Registry Exam! (It is the Ultimate Study combination that will help prepare you for your Registry Success) Includes Hundreds of Registry Questions and Detailed Answers!

    $128 (25% Savings)



    The Adult Echo Registry Review USB

    Note: If you are a recent graduate of a program, this provides a super review which covers the CCI test matrix.   This Combination package also will help registry candidates who have been out of school for a time and just need a thorough review of all the material to help prepare you for your Board Exam.
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  • Pediatric Echo Registry Review RCCS (CCI) Test Prep Book $87.00 (Pediatric_Echo_Registry_Review_RCCS)

    Echo Registry Review Book will help prepare you to pass the Registered Congenital Cardiac Sonographer (RCCS) given by CCI and the Pediatric Specialty Exam (PE) given by ARDMS.


    The Pediatric Echo Registry Review Book provides a fundamental review of material needed to pass the board exam. Material is presented in an "easy to understand manner" and includes Registry Review type Questions throughout the book.  This Book features chapters on cardiac embryology, echocardiographic technique, congenital and acquired abnormalities, treatment and repair techniques, special procedures, and corresponding echocardiographic appearances and more.This review will help you to earn your RCCS!


    Availability: In Stock

    • Model: Pediatric Echo Test Prep - Book

    Note: This covers the same material as the Pediatric 2GB USB Flash Drive

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  • " I passed my Echo boards. Thank you for your cards, questions weren't so hard on the test after all."
    Leann, RVT, RCS FL
  • " Thank you again for taking the time to advise me on talking the exams. I am now registered and will pass it along-you guys are great!"
    Sarah, RCS WA
  • " I was confident and passed my CV Science exam thanks for the ocean cards."
    Nick, RCS CA
  • " Ocean Ultrasound Echo PDF is a great review for the ARDMS examination, it helped me pass my Echo Registry."
    Omar, RDCS FL
  • " I just passed the CV Science exam 1st time woohoo... It was very challenging.. I scored 673. I studied from Ocean Ultrasound CV Science PDF."
    Meajor, RCS MA
  • " I used Ocean Ultrasound review cards and the downloads and passed the first time. The information you need is found in these cards!"
    J. Moya, RCS TN
  • " The Ocean Ultrasound USB flash condense the material into a usable format and give you what you need."
    Sonoma, RCS Memphis TN
  • " Try the New USB Drive it was all I used to study, It was the main reason I passed my CCI Adult Echo....Thank You to Ocean Ultrasound!"
    Delip, RVS,RCS AZ
  • " The Ocean US USB is very helpful and closer to what you need to know in order to pass."
    Sevierville,  RCS TX
  • " The CCI Review was Great! I passed my RCS with no problems. Thank you for such a great product."
    K Stutheit,  RDCS, RCS
  • " The Ocean Book gives you what you need and are a good for a brief study and for cramming facts you need for the test."
    Joe, RCS FL
  • " Trust me on this one, all you need to study from is the Ocean Ultrasound echo flash drive (the new flashdrive for the all in 1 test)."
    Santosyeral, RCS in Hialeah Florida
  • " I purchase the adult ultrasound USB and I passed my RCS exam, thank you.Thank you so much for making your product easy to understand."
    Rawuel Torres, RCS Dunwoody, Georgia