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Ocean Ultrasound focuses exclusively on the essential material needed to help in preparing students and medical professionals for their Ultrasound Board Exams. You will be more prepared to pass your test using our review materials!

Ocean Ultrasound offers essential test review material. Our educational products that set the standard for high quality review material. We are the missing link in registry preparation. Currently, we offer several top rated test prep reviews: Adult Echocardiography, Vascular and Pediatric Echo. Many Cardiovascular Science topics are now included on the Registry Examinations and we cover this important material as well in our USB and Books.  We also offer the most current test prep as we coordinate with both Registries Annually. (CCI and ARDMS) This sets us apart from others, in that we cover what you need to know to pass your Exam the first time and earn your Registry.

Our primary philosophy today is to provide you with the most updated information and give you what you need to to easily meet your credential with your very first attempt. Best wishes and we know that you will do fantastic!
Ocean Ultrasound has been preparing Students, Sonographers, Physicians and Ultrasound Professionals for ultrasound credentialing board exams with great success!  At Ocean Ultrasound, our values join us in a common goal to provide educational products that prepare you to pass the Ultrasound Registry.

We are recognized and endorsed by the Registered Cardiovascular Non-Invasive Specialist (RCS) credential, offered by Cardiovascular Credentialing International as the primary credential for non-invasive cardiovascular allied health professionals.

College Student Discounts: This is a new special offer that will greatly benefit students. We encourage you to send us a quick E mail to oceanultrasound@gmail.com  within 30 days of your purchase. Tell us you would like the Student discount.  Give us your Name, Order number, and the College or Technical School you attend. We will then credit your card 10% savings.

Ocean Ultrasound is dedicated to students and medical professionals preparing to pass the National ARDMS and CCI Ultrasound Board Examinations.

Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) has successfully implemented a significant reorganization of its examination formats for the credentialing examinations. The one-part examination will require Candidates to take and pass only one Exam in order to earn their registry-level credential.  Our New Updated USB is the ultimate "all in one review" and is now available in the Expanded Edition.  This New Editon also includes Registry review material consistent with newly revised ARDMS material. 

Ocean Ultrasound will help you achieve your RCS/RDCS, PE, and RVS,RVT Credential goals today!

NEW Registered Cardiac Sonographer - Prep - 2GB USB Flash Drive  is perfect for your complete study of the CCI Adult Echo Registry material or ARDMS test criteria.(or Download Version)

NEW Vascular Review USB for the RVS/RVT credential.

NEW CCI Registry Review Pocket Reference/USB Package is a Perfectect Educational Combination to your Registry Credential!   

We would like to congratulate all of the Ocean Ultrasound students and registry candidates who recently passed the CCI or ARDMS Registry. Thank you for sharing with us Your Success Story!

We now offer Pediatric Echo Quiz Prep Material for RCCS and PE!


  • " I passed my Echo boards. Thank you for your cards, questions weren't so hard on the test after all."
    Leann, RVT, RCS FL
  • " Thank you again for taking the time to advise me on talking the exams. I am now registered and will pass it along-you guys are great!"
    Sarah, RCS WA
  • " I was confident and passed my CV Science exam thanks for the ocean cards."
    Nick, RCS CA
  • " Ocean Ultrasound Echo PDF is a great review for the ARDMS examination, it helped me pass my Echo Registry."
    Omar, RDCS FL
  • " I just passed the CV Science exam 1st time woohoo... It was very challenging.. I scored 673. I studied from Ocean Ultrasound CV Science PDF."
    Meajor, RCS MA
  • " I used Ocean Ultrasound review cards and the downloads and passed the first time. The information you need is found in these cards!"
    J. Moya, RCS TN
  • " The Ocean Ultrasound USB flash condense the material into a usable format and give you what you need."
    Sonoma, RCS Memphis TN
  • " Try the New USB Drive it was all I used to study, It was the main reason I passed my CCI Adult Echo....Thank You to Ocean Ultrasound!"
    Delip, RVS,RCS AZ
  • " The Ocean US USB is very helpful and closer to what you need to know in order to pass."
    Sevierville,  RCS TX
  • " The CCI Review was Great! I passed my RCS with no problems. Thank you for such a great product."
    K Stutheit,  RDCS, RCS
  • " The Ocean Book gives you what you need and are a good for a brief study and for cramming facts you need for the test."
    Joe, RCS FL
  • " Trust me on this one, all you need to study from is the Ocean Ultrasound echo flash drive (the new flashdrive for the all in 1 test)."
    Santosyeral, RCS in Hialeah Florida
  • " I purchase the adult ultrasound USB and I passed my RCS exam, thank you.Thank you so much for making your product easy to understand."
    Rawuel Torres, RCS Dunwoody, Georgia